As a Child

As a Child

I grew up with a red and blue clad, overall wearing, Italian plumber as my playmate. When he wasn’t busy plumbing or spending time with his brother, he could be found exploring castles in search of his princess, fighting his arch-rival in order to save her. My playmate wasn’t imaginary, nor was he a real person; he’s a character from a popular series of Nintendo games and his name is Mario.

Much of my playtime as a child was spent playing Super Mario Brothers games on my Nintendo console. Turning on the game was like entering another world where I could be the hero. It was up to me and Mario to save the princess, especially since she was always being kidnapped. Mario and I would fight our way through the various levels of the game until we reached the large and ominous castle that housed our arch-rival, Bowser. Part turtle and part dragon, Bowser was a formidable opponent as he was covered in spikes and spitfire. Despite his power, Bowser was no match for us; Mario and I would always save the princess and save the day.

Although I’m now an adult, I still enjoy the Mario franchise. The games have stood the test of time and prove just as fun now as they did when I was a child. I just hope that the princess never takes any self-defense classes so that Nintendo is able to continue producing these popular games.


About Julie Tutwiler
Julie is a pro bono philosopher and proud nerd who is convinced that she was a cat in a past life. She enjoys learning new things and loves curling up with a good Stephen King book. In addition to reading, Julie enjoys Japanese culture, cryptograms, video games, and playing fetch with her Maine Coon cat, Ender. She's been a writer since childhood and is thrilled that she can now make a living doing something that she loves. You can find her work on awesome websites such as

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